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One of the great things about panoramic photography is the flexibility you have to play with the image and to show the picture in engaging and unusual ways…. for example, here is a ‘traditional’ 360° view of Lopwell Dam in Devon. This is great for websites and you can use your mouse to drag the image to have a look around…….


Now, if you stretch out this view onto a flat surface (much as the same way that a map is a flat representation of a curved surface) then you get this….. which is fantastic as a piece of wall art



Finally, if this same image is twisted and turned inside out you get what’s called a ‘little planet’; a VERY different view of the world which, again, is great for wall art and is gauranteed to get a discussion going!


In exactly the same way, here are three versions of the same location but this time inside…..


IMG_2654 Panorama_recti



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