You might like to know about a scheme we have entered into called THE GHH COMMUNITY.

Although this is operated by a firm of solicitors, Gray Hooper Holt LLP, based in Haywards Heath and Redhill, the scheme is designed to offer free membership to our clients with the benefit of discount vouchers being offered by a number of organisations large and small, each of whom will agree to redeem a certain number of vouchers when GHH Community members use their services.

Once you have joined, you are under no obligation to use the vouchers although they will expire after 12 months if there has been no movement on the member’s voucher account.

There are a number of ways to collect vouchers, the simplest of which is to recommend the scheme to friends, family and colleagues. You’ll get a £5.00voucher just for signing up and another for each person you have recommended once they have signed.

Whilst the vouchers have no monetary value in themselves, when redeemed they result in a reduction of £5.00 +VAT (where appropriate) from the invoice of the Affiliate whose service you use.

This might be from my own firm or for legal services, accountancy and a wide variety of others.  However the lifetime of offers changes constantly so you’ll need to check the website frequently and read the monthly newsletters you’ll receive by e-mail to keep up to date.

If you have signed up to Google+, as a member you can join the private GHH Community which acts as a forum and you’ll see all the brand news new offers as soon as they become available.

To sign up, just go to the GHH Community website.