Hamish McDonald, Sussex based Google Business Photos Photographer, Social Media Marketer and Computer problem sorter…

Hamish McDonald Google Business Photos Sussex

Hamish McDonald is also a father, a bad squash player and one of those blokes you see on a bicycle puffing a ‘little’ too much – no spandex though.

As a child I was bitten by the computer bug and have loved being a part of the huge growth in computing and the internet. I graduated with a Physics degree (don’t hold it against me – it’s a great subject!) and in my first job quickly found out that I was rubbish at programming computers but was much better at using technology to solve problems. My career has followed this rough path via time as a publican, management consultant and a career in corporate IT Sales & Marketing. I learnt how to communicate, how to relate to people, how to focus on getting the desired results and how to be happy.

I am now self-employed and very happy to be involved in the Google Trusted Photographer programme as it enables me to help people to promote their businesses and without fail everyone who sees it says “Wow, cool” – imagine your customers saying that to you! 🙂

In the same vein, a few years ago, I saw what Social Media was doing and made it my business to find out as much as I could and to help other businesses to exploit the power of this medium. If this interests you have a look at Hamish Social Media

It’s all very well this internet ‘thing’ but no good if “it don’t work”. I specialise in helping home users to get their PC and laptops working, their networks singing and viruses at bay. I called this Sorted-IT because that what it does.