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PanoRota enable Google Business Photo virtual tours to be easily embedded in WordPress websites. Multiple tours can be put on the same page with different attributes, sizes etc etc. PanoRota is a WordPress plugin. The plugin does all the work of inserting codes and scripts – all you need is the panoid from the tour.

To Download your copy of PanoRota is a simple two-step process.

Firstly – Please do Make A Donation.

This stuff takes time and money to develop…. I can only offer support to people who do donate.

Click here to download


  • Download and save the zip file
  • Go to your WordPress website admin dashboard.
  • Hover over ‘Plugins’ on the left hand side and …
  • … click on the ‘Add New’ option that appears in the drop-down.
  • Select ‘Upload’ at the top of the screen and select the zip file that you were emailed.
  • Once installed select ‘Activate’ and you will see a new option on the left hand side for ‘PanoRota’.


  • Click on PanoRota on the left hand side of the WP dashboard. If this is the first time of set up select ‘Add New’.
  • Enter a title at the top.
  • You will see a preview of a demo tour below which there are various options and controls
  • The main one (and possibly the only one you need to change) is ‘panoid’. This is tricky to find so I just use this great Chrome plugin called Embedder
  • Install this add in to Chrome, navigate to the Googler Maps view you want to use and click the embedder icon that is in your address bar. Select the panoid from here.
  • You can set the width in either exact number of pixels or by selecting the percentage of the available width in %. Please ensure to include either px or % after your selection. Height is set in px.
  • The Refresh Time and Heading Delta work together to change the speed of rotation. You can experiment with these but the defaults work well.
  • Pitch is the initial vertical tilt in degrees. Forward is 0, Down is 90, Straight up is 270.
  • Show Link Arrows, Show Pan Compass, Show Zoom Control all toggle the corresponding controls on the tour.
  • Be sure to click on ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’ over on the right of the screen to save the tour.
  • At the top of the setting page there is a shortcode in square brackets – select this – including the square brackets – and paste into a page where you want the tour to appear.
  • Repeat the above for different panoid to generate different shortcode id.
  • Multiple tours can be placed on the same page and within widgets so long as there is only one instance of a panoid on each page.