PanoRota enable Google Business Photo virtual tours to be easily embedded in WordPress websites. Multiple tours can be put on the same page with different attributes, sizes etc etc. PanoRota is a WordPress plugin. The plugin does all the work of inserting codes and scripts – all you need is the panoid from the tour.

To Download your copy of PanoRota is a simple two-step process.

Firstly – Please do Make A Donation.

This stuff takes time and money to develop…. I can only offer support to people who do donate.

Secondly, fill in the form below and I will email you a download link.

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  • Download and save the zip file
  • Go to your WordPress website admin dashboard.
  • Hover over ‘Plugins’ on the left hand side and …
  • … click on the ‘Add New’ option that appears in the drop-down.
  • Select ‘Upload’ at the top of the screen and select the zip file that you were emailed.
  • Once installed select ‘Activate’ and you will see a new option on the left hand side for ‘PanoRota’.


  • Click on PanoRota on the left hand side of the WP dashboard. If this is the first time of set up select ‘Add New’.
  • Enter a title at the top.
  • You will see a preview of a demo tour below which there are various options and controls
  • The main one (and possibly the only one you need to change) is ‘panoid’. To get this go to a GBP tour on Google Maps – for example,-0.329346&spn=0.04957,0.132093&sll=51.065878,-0.329387&layer=c&cid=8283437682163838565&panoid=C-7SY-PmQE6qNp0AOCUuzQ&cbp=13,90.48,,0,7.19&gl=US&t=m&z=14&cbll=51.065581,-0.329346
  • The bit you need is between panoid= and the &cbp – in the above case this would be C-7SY-PmQE6qNp0AOCUuzQ. I recommend that you get the above URL from the embed code that is available from the link to the top left of the tour on Google Maps (the chain icon).
  • You can set the width in either exact number of pixels or by selecting the percentage of the available width in %. Please ensure to include either px or % after your selection. Height is set in px.
  • The Refresh Time and Heading Delta work together to change the speed of rotation. You can experiment with these but the defaults work well.
  • Pitch is the initial vertical tilt in degrees. Forward is 0, Down is 90, Straight up is 270.
  • Show Link Arrows, Show Pan Compass, Show Zoom Control all toggle the corresponding controls on the tour.
  • Be sure to click on ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’ over on the right of the screen to save the tour.
  • At the top of the setting page there is a shortcode in square brackets – select this – including the square brackets – and paste into a page where you want the tour to appear.
  • Repeat the above for different panoid to generate different shortcode id.
  • Multiple tours can be placed on the same page and within widgets so long as there is only one instance of a panoid on each page.

  14 Responses to “PanoRota”

  1. My new site has a plugin called slickdeck that I want to call your tour from/into. To call a google tour I just put in the Iframe code from google. How can I call for your code in HTML? to create the effect? BTW love it! If it cost me some more no problem.

    I also want to sell this to my customers so is a straight HTML version possible. Yes I can handle the code changes that will be needed. And yes I will pay you for each customer that uses this.

    Thanks for putting this out!

    • Frank, the way this plugin is written means that the shortcode is just setup to output needed html to make things work.. it pulls in scripts needed to make the magic happen..

      Outputting html would be tricky, as google maps api is needed, which generally needs to go in to the documents head.


  2. Hi Hamish,

    Great plugin, is there a way to show random tours within the same shortcode so everytime the page loads it shows a diferent tour?


    • Hi Peter, not in this iteration of the plugin. :) I do like the idea and will add it to the list…!!


  3. Hello and thanks for this plugin. I have just installed it and created the first panorota from one of our tours which displayed and previewed well. I took the generated shortcode and pasted it on a new page but it just displays the shortcode and it doesn’t link to the panorota for some reason…? I thought it could be conflicting with the other shortcode plugin I have but I deactivated it and it still displays the shortcode without linking it. Any advice? What could be the problem?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Desiree, when you enter the shortcode onto the post or page make sure that you are viewing the ‘Text’ method of input as opposed to the ‘Visual’. You can select ‘Text’ at the top right of the window where you type your text. This screen may be a bit more complex and contain html code etc.

      • Hi Hamish,
        Thanks for the quick response. Yes, my page is in the Text tab and there’s nothing else in it. I am using a responsive theme and wordpress 3.8. I also tried putting the shortcode in between [raw]….[/raw] to avoid some conflict but it doesn’t make a difference.
        Unfortunately, the page only displays the shortcode. Any ideas? I really like the plugin, it’d be brilliant if I could get it to work. :(

  4. Hello again,
    I just got it to work!. I had set the page to be private for the testing and now that I have changed it to public it displays well, no problem.
    Thank you! :)

  5. Hi, great plug in- but it does not seem to be responsive on my website

    Have you or anybody else got a workaround for this to make it rotate and show full size on mobile ?

    Best, Luke

    • Hi Luke, are you setting the width by setting the px or by % ?

      Suggest you set width to 70%.

      Make sure you include the % sign

  6. Thanks Hamish- I settled on 100% wide 350px height

    Best, Luke

  7. Will this work on a regular webpage (non-wordpress)?

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